Friday, July 11, 2014

The Drought Is Serious-Wake-Up Californians!

When I read about the extreme drought covering most of California, which is most likely caused by climate change, I wonder how the people of California are coping with the problem. When I read  on Thursday, an editorial in the New York Times titled "Saving Water in California," I'm amazed that people aren't taking the situation more seriously.
I've been to the West Coast a couple of times and I marveled at it's beauty but I sensed when I visited that there was definitely a more laid back attitude then what I've been exposed to on the East Coast, where I've lived all my life. There's nothing wrong with being more relaxed,  but you would think that when a serious situation arises Californians would act wisely and prudently.  But that's not what the statistics show.
This is what the editorial stated, "California is in the third year of its worst drought in decades. But you wouldn't know it by looking at how much water the state's residents and businesses are  using. According to a recent survey, Californians cut the amount of water they used in the first five months of the year by just 5 percent, far short of the 20 percent reduction Gov. Jerry Brown called for in January. In some parts of the state, like the San Diego area, water use actually increased in 2013...."
What are these people thinking? In one article I read, a women was quoted as saying she was more afraid of earthquakes then water running out. (I would be concerned with both!)
Sounds like the deadly sin of pride to me. Lots of pride can be a dangerous thing. It clouds good judgment which is why it can prove to be deadly.
Tampa, Florida has the largest desalination plant and sounds to me like California needs one too. (Sooner than later.)
We all need to be more humble, do our part when a crisis arises and think of the common good.
But that deadly sin of pride can get in the way....Thinking like, "We can take care of anything, even droughts"........hope so.