Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sad Summer News of War and Missile Attack on Malaysian Flight 17

I feel for others, that's called compassion and I have  great compassion for people who suffer because of war, displacement from war and other tragedies. I read and watch too much news as I like to be informed, but most news is disturbing. The news is sad right now because of what's happening in the Middle East between the Israeli's and the Palestinians. How is it that a lasting peace in the Holy Land is so elusive and difficult for those involved? It's tragic. It all started this time,  with the murder of three young Israelis in a heartbreaking story and now it just keeps escalating. Murder brings death, a breaking of the commandments of God and chaos comes forth from that. That's why God warns us to keep the commandments because when a commandment is broken, chaos breaks out.
Then last Thursday the awful news about the civilian airliner, Malaysia Flight 17, shot down by a missile apparently shot by separatists, fighting a civil war in Ukraine. How is it that they had such a destructive weapon that could bring down an airliner filled with innocent people and so many children? Why were planes allowed to fly in that airspace anyway, when several other transport planes had been shot down in that area days before? And even if those who shot that missile thought it was another type of plane, which I'm sure they did,  its still no excuse to shoot a powerful, destructive weapon without knowing for sure what type of airliner it would hit. It's inexcusable, its stupid and it's caused much pain to families of those who lost loved ones. And those poor souls, who were on that plane,  whose lives were cut short, who deserved better, unfortunately, no amount of investigation can bring them back. Christians believe in Heaven, a place of eternal peace and rest, where there is no war or pain but many of those on Flight 17 were too young, and had too much to live for. It's not fair what happened to them.

Praying for those who suffer from war or the effects of war seems like its not enough but its all people of faith can do. Humankind just wants to keep repeating the mistakes of the past. Too many choose to ignore God's commandments and those actions just keep bringing chaos into the world.