Friday, February 7, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman-The Demons That Haunted Him

Such a sad story about the untimely death of talented Oscar winning actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Much to the dismay of his family and friends, he gave into his demons and succumbed to a heroin drug overdose. He tried to stay away from alcohol and drugs for years and was reportedly going to AA meetings for over 25 years, but for some reason, he couldn't fight off addiction. The demons kept coming, kept gnawing at him.
Perhaps I'm idealistic but I always think that if perhaps he had "clung" to Jesus,  prayed and kept going to the AA meetings regularly (those meetings have helped so many overcome addiction), he could have been helped, could have overcome his addictions. His partner and the mother of his children tried to help him and encourage him to seek help but I guess he was too deep in his addiction for it to do any good.
At the Sundance Film Festival in January people said that he "looked more like a homeless man than a movie star." Didn't anyone think to contact his partner inquiring to what was happening to him or to question him and ask if he needed help? Perhaps someone did and it didn't make the news.
So sad for his children. What do they know of addiction, demons, the evils of heroin and drug abuse. What do they know about the stress of acting or being famous and staying in the limelight? All they know is they lost their father, all they know is that he isn't coming anymore to pick them up. So tragic, so sad, so senseless.

In every human heart there is a God-shaped vacuum which nothing created can fill. 
Blaise Pascal

It is in prayer that God completes us.  Doris Strife