Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Caroline Kennedy's Brave Tweet To Bring Attention To Massive Dolphin Killing

I thought it was quite brave and noble of Caroline Kennedy, U.S. ambassador to Japan to tweet about her concern about the inhuman and barbaric slaughter of dolphins in Japan. She tweeted on Sunday, "Deeply concerned about the inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing." Her parents would be proud of her, she is certainly a credit to the Kennedy's. I have always admired her, though I don't agree with all her political beliefs. But as a modern day woman,  she has managed to balance raising children, while staying involved with charitable causes, writing books and now in her esteemed role as a U. S. ambassador.  Quite impressive! She feels comfortable enough in her "own skin," and as a woman in a important role, to give her opinion on an crucial conservation topic.
I never saw the documentary, "The Cove," but I was reading up about it and how it exposed the barbaric slaughter of dolphins which happen through drive hunts. Once again hundreds of dolphins were slaughtered in Taiji Cove in Japan by Japanese fishermen, a few days ago.  The U. S. government opposes these fishing techniques.
Drive hunt refers to the practice of herding dolphins into a cove and then killing them. This is legal in Japan but offensive and disturbing to people in many countries who see this as a slaughter of intelligent, beautiful animals that are trapped and destroyed, in large numbers.  I don't see this as a  time-honored tradition, as many in Japan claim, this is an ego-driven, selfish event which harms intelligent animals, that are known to help humans when humans are in danger. They are intelligent, they have a language and its a horrible injustice and cruel to treat these animals so barbarically.
Let's hope in the future, with international pressure and more enlightened thought,  these drive hunts will end. (I'll add my prayers as well that these hunts will end and become illegal in the future.)
Let's hope future generations in Japan and elsewhere learn to appreciate and protect the environment, and all of God's creatures and have more respect for ocean creatures, who are already in distress from environmental pollution in our oceans.