Monday, October 14, 2013

New Title For My Blog

I thought I should change the title of my blog..........I am a baptized Catholic and have been so since I was baptized as an infant in the Church of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in Brooklyn,  so I started to think that perhaps that should be reflected in the title of my blog. So that's it, I changed it.
The Church where I was baptized is now named Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and St. Stephen's Church. It was the first Italian parish to be established in Brooklyn in 1882.  Since I am an Italian-American and my paternal grandparents came to this great country in 1925 from Italy, they settled on Clinton St. in what is now Carroll Gardens (it was then called Red Hook). Brooklyn churches have a rich and storied history.
When I went to the website of SHSS Church I realized I know the pastor Msgr. Guy Massie who is a great priest. He has done great work and continues to do so in promoting interfaith dialogue, understanding and tolerance. On their website I learned that he is giving an interfaith series with Rabbi Kline titled, "Jewish Spirituality for Christians." I wish I lived closer to the Church as  I would have loved to be a part of that learning experience.
I'm convinced for there to be a lasting peace and tolerance in this world, interfaith dialogue is one way to achieve that. It's crucial for the future of humanity.