Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

A blessed Happy Thanksgiving to all! I'm grateful for many things, most especially for being born in this great country of America, founded on great principles and freedom. The opportunities my family had after arriving from Italy in the early 1900's could not have been possible anywhere else. Truly through the generations, my family has experienced living the American dream. It's no small blessing. I'm grateful for my Italian heritage which gives me a love of food, culture, family, traditions and most importantly my faith in God. Baptized as an infant into the Catholic faith, and with all the graces that gives, my life has been enriched by my faith and belief.  I'm grateful to God for being present to me in my life, in good times and bad, for helping me through the losses I've had to suffer. I'm grateful to the saints, who have inspired me on my faith journey.
I'm grateful to my family who will sit around the table today and give thanks to God, for bringing us safely through the storm and being a part of our lives.
And so now, it's time to fry the rice balls, put the turkey in the oven, make the stuffing and get things going. I'll pray morning prayer and practice Christian meditation as well, before the company arrives. There is a lot to fit in this morning, but prayer is always a constant in my life, because without it, I wouldn't have come this far.
God's blessings on your family and friends, whether you will celebrate Thanksgiving or not.
I am also grateful that the prayers were answered and a cease fire is under way between Israel and Hamas. Let's pray that a lasting peace in the Middle East is possible, let new ideas and commitments arise so that all children, throughout the world can grow up in peace.