Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tim Tebow and the "Mile High Halo"

It seems there is a national obsession with the Denver Bronco's quarterback (and friend of God) Tim Tebow. (He is NOT a national nightmare! How could anyone even say that?) There are a lot of amazing things about Tim Tebow. He gives honor and glory to God openly on the football field, without apology. He's proud to be a believer and to show gratitude to God. He's a hero and a role model to many. He invented "tebowing" which officially became a word in the English language due to it's worldwide usage (Global Language Monitor). Check out www., to see images of people tebowing all over the world (getting down on one knee and praying, regardless of what's going on around you).
Tebow was rendered a superhero by Marvel Comics. His character was known as Super Tim. It is well known that he spent three summers prior to enrolling at the University of Florida in the Philippines doing missionary work. (Wikipedia)
And then there was Sunday's amazing finish to the Steelers/Bronco's game with Tebow throwing 316 yards to win the game in overtime.
There is a lot to admire about Tebow and there is no question he is a loyal and faithful friend of God but are strange occurrences starting to happen at Mile High Stadium or are people beginning to take this too far?
According to an online article at Huffington Post that is most popular right now titled, "Mile High Halo Forms Over Tim Tebow and Mile High Stadium," people claim (there are photos to back it up) that a smoke-like halo/ring appeared over the stadium after the Bronco's scored their first field goal. Is there an explanation, I wonder? It's interesting nonetheless.
I hope God will continue to bless Tim Tebow (and good role models like him) because he's doing a lot to promote faith in God and gratitude to God for blessings received. He's giving glory to the One who loves and gives mercy and gifts freely.