Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rewarding Occupations- Such as the Priesthood

In an interesting article that I read titled, "10 Careers That Can Make You Happier," by Chris Iliades, it states that clergymen rate their occupation as the most rewarding in America. The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, conducts a poll titled The General Social Survey and it's considered comprehensive. Its most recent findings show that spiritual caregivers such as priests and ministers report being very satisfied with their work, as a matter of fact, 87% report being very satisfied, which is 7% points higher than anyone else in the survey. That's good news.......Careers that involve caring, helping or protecting others rated high for satisfaction levels. Other rewarding jobs and careers that help people to feel happier included: teachers, doctors, psychologists, firefighters, business owners, those who work outdoors (surrounded by nature), maintenance workers and engineers and architects. Also, anyone in creative fields such as writers and artists report a high level of satisfaction with their work. (It didn't mention bloggers.........)
Developing one's creativity regardless of what occupation you are in, always improves self-esteem and helps you to feel uplifted and happier. The benefits of developing your creativity, whether through journaling, writing or dabbling in art has been well documented. So if you are not in a satisfying job, spend time being creative and it will help your overall satisfaction levels and help you to feel more fulfilled (from what I've read on the subject). Listening to classical music also helps to enhance your creativity. Also, helping others through volunteering is another way to have a more satisfying life and do good at the same time.