Sunday, April 24, 2011


A Happy and Blessed Easter to All! Alleluia!

On Good Friday, Catholics venerate the Cross. The greatest symbol of Christianity is held in front of churches throughout the world and believers walk forward and kiss the cross. Millions of people, from all walks of life, from children to the elderly, do this on Good Friday. I find it very inspiring. Good people, filled with hope, filled with belief in God and thanksgiving to Jesus for his supreme sacrifice and unconditional love for us, simply come forward and kiss the cross. In essence, they're saying, through this gesture, "Yes, we get it, we believe in Jesus, in his ultimate sacrifice." "We believe in the victory and the power of the cross." We respond with our humanness, as best we can, to that great act of selflessness and sacrifice, with a simple gesture of love and affection. It affects me.
I'm also inspired when I watch people receive Holy Communion. I always sit up front at Mass (so unusual for a Catholic!), and after receiving Communion and spending time in prayer, there is still time for me to watch the look on people's faces as they come forward to receive Communion. They lift their hands and hearts and there is such hope and expectation in their faces. They have hope that all the Church teaches will help them on their life journey. Yes, Eucharist does nurture, bless, sustain, give us spiritual nourishment and unite us to Christ. Easter joy, Easter hope, Easter resurrection.
Easter Sunday was a day filled with attending a beautiful Mass, followed by a family gathering, good food, laughter and new life. My cousin brought her month old baby, a little miracle to hold and to love. I hid Easter eggs in my backyard for my 3-year-old cousin to search for. Easter blessings in a new life unfolding, in the smiles of children and the togetherness of family.
Now it's time for me to try to finish getting my kitchen back in order before I pass out from exhaustion.
A Blessed Easter Season to all!