Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Evil Acts of Desecration

I was very sad to read at that a church in California was set on fire, in a cowardly act of arson and destruction of the sacred. Apparently, it "is the latest in a rash of attacks on Catholic churches in California over the past two years." According to the California Catholic Daily, "Bishop Gabino Zavala (an auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese), who lives two blocks away, was awakened by a neighbor pounding on his door just after midnight Saturday morning...He ran to this front lawn and saw flames shooting 150 feet in the air. He rushed to the Church, finding himself alongside priests and parishioners helplessly watching flames destroy the church and the rectory." The pastor of the church said, "I was unfortunately here to witness the horror of watching our church go up in flames."
Who would desecrate and destroy that which is holy, sacred and consecrated to God? Obviously, this is the work of depraved human beings, influenced and acting on behalf on the evil one (in my opinion).
As if that news wasn't bad enough, in Spain another act of desecration. St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Ignatius of Loyola and other Spanish saints must be weeping in Heaven. According to CNS, in the Spanish city of Ciempozuelos, "several intruders broke into a Spanish church, destroying the tabernacle and crown on a statue of the Virgin Mary. The sacristy was ransacked as well." A destroyed and desecrated tabernacle? Desecration of the Blessed Mother? These are blatantly evil acts committed during the holy season of Lent. Seems like the devil is getting bolder, more brazen and unusually active. Maybe his day of reckoning is coming soon. That would be good news for humankind. I can imagine a world rid of evil and all its ugly, destructive, horrific influences. I can picture a world filled with all goodness, compassion and virtues well lived, where the Great Commandment is lived to the fullest. When, Lord, when?