Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend 2010

My brother is buried in a small cemetery in Woodstock, NY. The cemetery is a short distance from the center of town. There were small American flags on the gravesites of those who died while serving in the military. They bravely fought for freedom. There were also flags for all veterans who served their country.  My brother died at the young age of 41. He died of cancer. I try to go at least once a year to Woodstock to pray, reflect and tend to his gravesite.  I also visit friends while I'm there. My brother was a forensic psychiatrist, a brilliant person. His tombstone in the Woodstock cemetery is easily recognizable, he has a most unusual tombstone. I planted some yellow flowers at the site, which he would of liked. Behind his tombstone, is a small stone statue of Jesus, that adorns another gravesite. It's in the perfect place as far as I'm concerned. 
Woodstock began as an artist colony and there are still artists who live there and in the surrounding towns. The Catskill Mountain range is visible from the town and from other towns as well. I was happy to see more art galleries springing up in town and a new tea shop as well. I love tea, so you know that was a shop I stopped in with my good friend Jeanne. Jeanne and I have been friends since college. Woodstock is a very interesting place, made famous from the Woodstock festival, which didn't take place there, as most people know. 
My brother loved the mountains for the same reasons I do. I find the mountains very calming.
I returned from my trip upstate to attend the Memorial Day Parade in Long Beach, Long Island. My 10-year-old godson was going to march in his first parade playing a stare drum. I was very impressed with the parade in Long Beach. The entire city of Long Beach seemed to be there. I was told that residents either march in the parade or are spectators. It was a great parade, with school marching bands and veterans being applauded along the parade route, with American flags flying, on a beautiful day. It was a great way to spend Memorial Day morning.
I returned home to spend the afternoon with family and I tried to avoid the news but I couldn't. It just seems to get more and more depressing. I can't believe that the "Top Kill" effort to control the massive oil spill failed. It's like a bad dream and for the gulf coast residents and fishermen, it's an ongoing nightmare. 
I just keep praying and hoping that the day I listen to the news and this catastrophe has been resolved is coming soon. I keep thinking this will be behind us soon and yet that's not happening. That has me and millions of others greatly concerned.  The residents of the gulf coast and those who lost loved ones, in this tragedy, need our prayers. I can't even write about how upset I am about the wildlife and how dire this situation is becoming.