Sunday, April 19, 2009

All in a Sunday

Whenever I have to prepare a gospel reflection for children, I think about it in simple ways, so that I can convey the message to the children and get across the most important points. This Sunday's gospel was rich and in taking it apart yesterday to prepare, I kept thinking what they would think about Jesus saying to his disciples, Receive the Holy Spirit! I tried to dramatize that this morning for them, saying it with emotion, "power," and enthusiasm as Jesus must have said it. I also knew they would be fascinated by Jesus suddenly appearing, though the doors were locked where the disciples were. I could tell by the look on their adorable faces when I questioned them about the reading, that though it sounded very mysterious and miraculous, which is was, they could accept it, they did accept it, because children are open to mystery, intuitively they know mystery exists and is a part of life. They sense the mystery that surrounds us. Children are very open to the message of Jesus, when it's presented with enthusiasm. I could tell by studying their faces as I discussed and questioned them about the gospel, that they got it, they fully got it. They knew every answer to every question I asked. They truly listened to the Scripture readings, as I had told them ahead of time, it was very important that they listen carefully. They were enthralled with the story-the miraculous appearances of Jesus, the power of God-the Holy Spirit, and doubting Thomas. 
After returning from Church this morning, I prepared dinner for my relatives, who were visiting from Florida. They brought along their friends and I cooked a meal, which I prepared over a few days. I prepared appetizers, Italian sauce with meatballs and sausages and eggplant parmagian. It was a lot of work, but of course worth it, as there is nothing better than good Italian food, good conversation and family at the dinner table. 
A Sunday in the life of a Catholic woman...... this Catholic woman anyway.